The Check that always bounces

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Today has been a no motivation day. I quietly sit at the shop and idle away my hours seeking ways to fill my time with menial to “no importance whatsoever” tasks. After the rough days I feel owed these bouts of laziness; of course when every other day feels like a “rough day” you begin to notice a pattern that has you battering yourself about in a single dodgeball tournament with the formidable ‘Wall’ opponent…hello solo. (insert wink) This is … Read More

You don’t have a job?

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I don’t often embark on the story of my employment history. The reasons are numerous, but honestly? Much of it is touchy business and the two-step fox trot and boggy is not a dance I like to employ when wishing to be candid. I have remained friends with many of my previous co-workers because I did and do have strong ties with them. However, by no means do I wish my delving into the past moments to hurt any of … Read More

They kicked me off the team and why goals aren’t for me

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Once upon a time I created goal lists. Sometimes these goal lists were vast and detailed and other times small, but yet grand in expectation. The commonality among all the lists? A resounding and overwhelming feeling of failure. The New Year would arrive and the list(s) would have little to none marked off as accomplished. I would be left feeling so much woe and I didn’t know how to handle it. I didn’t know how I could possibly commit to … Read More