Elocute and the Rest Will Follow

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I often catch myself smothering the writer in me. I take a pillow to the creature within that is pleading for freedom and exposure. I suppose this horrifying visual should be enough to scare anyone into, say, actions that would provoke the opposite practice? It doesn’t so much horrify me as make me sad and stare at the statue sitting at my desk in contemplation of why THIS behavior. Along the way to defining myself as a writer I have … Read More

Don’t trash the passion

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I am a passionate person. Passionate. (If you’re reading that part out loud you would say, for drama, Passionate period. *wink*) Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you choose to view this behavior element of me, that passion flows over to nearly every facet of Me, Maddie. I am passionately angry, I passionately love, I am passionate about books, I am passionate. Do we get it yet? Less we start to think I am writing this to excuse my actions behind the … Read More