500 Words Per Day – Day 7

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500 words for When I Really Loved Myself   Is anyone else having issues with how much ‘self’ is involved in these writing prompts? We will all need to go on a “Maddie Detox” when it is over.   I’m fairly certain my Pinterest boards are proof I deal with self-esteem issues, my life issues also point heavily to the non-loving behavior for myself. However, as my Mum points out to me; the very idea of getting up in the … Read More

It’s a Primary thing…Indiana today

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In June it will be two years since I shared this photo. There was so much going on in my life and today after voting and hearing of others experiences, I wish for two things. One, I wish my Gran was here still because I would love the opportunity to sit and talk about what is going on in the world. Her wisdom was so vast and I didn’t take the time enough to ask and learn more from her. … Read More