500 Words Per Day – Day 8

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500 words for When I was Scared   There seems to be nothing more pressing on my mind to share than a time (or rather many times) where there is not a definite explanation/reason to be scared. I can’t see around what I’m deciding to write about for another story and I’m guessing this means I must answer the call. Rip the band-aid off!   Turning my light out above my bed and believing sleep may find me rather quickly … Read More

When all the greatest seats are taken…

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8, August, 2015 Note: I wrote this post back in April. Whether it be a further example of the subject matter or the ‘distractions’ of life, whose to say. I am at another point in life where change, the future, and the past are playing an interesting game of chance. My strong advice to myself has been that loud clanging bell of TRUST and even though it is loud…it is not easy. My hope is still, to post this and … Read More