500 Words Per Day – Day 10

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500 Words about Something I’m hoping People don’t Notice/Something I’m hoping People do Notice In 2014 I embarked on my second Photo 365 Project (A Hundred Pockets). It was an extraordinary journey and an extremely taxing one. Creatively I was allowing my eyes to see the world the way they love best, through a camera, and each day those photographs were inspiring mighty words. I was shaking out bits of my heart for whomever was following the progress of a … Read More

500 Words Per Day – Day 9

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500 words for Why I Long for Love   I have tasted the fruit of love before, I am not a stranger to its sweet and chaotic flavor. It is an unimagined feeling, until it strikes you down before you stop to realize what is happening. It was devastating, but it was amazing fodder for my muse. My muse still sends blessings my way for all the creative outlet that time of life gave it. However, I wasn’t much on … Read More

500 Words Per Day – Day 2

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500 words for A Time I was Hurt These aren’t the 500 words I was originally going to give you. This story popped in my head and it felt easy to run from it because it isn’t something I try to relive often. Then I remembered Kirk’s words of wisdom: Write through the pain. Write through the self-doubt. I spent most of my afternoon doing the mental tango of why I shouldn’t write these words. I will be exposed and raw … Read More

It’s a Primary thing…Indiana today

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In June it will be two years since I shared this photo. There was so much going on in my life and today after voting and hearing of others experiences, I wish for two things. One, I wish my Gran was here still because I would love the opportunity to sit and talk about what is going on in the world. Her wisdom was so vast and I didn’t take the time enough to ask and learn more from her. … Read More

Elocute and the Rest Will Follow

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I often catch myself smothering the writer in me. I take a pillow to the creature within that is pleading for freedom and exposure. I suppose this horrifying visual should be enough to scare anyone into, say, actions that would provoke the opposite practice? It doesn’t so much horrify me as make me sad and stare at the statue sitting at my desk in contemplation of why THIS behavior. Along the way to defining myself as a writer I have … Read More

When all the greatest seats are taken…

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8, August, 2015 Note: I wrote this post back in April. Whether it be a further example of the subject matter or the ‘distractions’ of life, whose to say. I am at another point in life where change, the future, and the past are playing an interesting game of chance. My strong advice to myself has been that loud clanging bell of TRUST and even though it is loud…it is not easy. My hope is still, to post this and … Read More

The Check that always bounces

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Today has been a no motivation day. I quietly sit at the shop and idle away my hours seeking ways to fill my time with menial to “no importance whatsoever” tasks. After the rough days I feel owed these bouts of laziness; of course when every other day feels like a “rough day” you begin to notice a pattern that has you battering yourself about in a single dodgeball tournament with the formidable ‘Wall’ opponent…hello solo. (insert wink) This is … Read More

You don’t have a job?

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I don’t often embark on the story of my employment history. The reasons are numerous, but honestly? Much of it is touchy business and the two-step fox trot and boggy is not a dance I like to employ when wishing to be candid. I have remained friends with many of my previous co-workers because I did and do have strong ties with them. However, by no means do I wish my delving into the past moments to hurt any of … Read More

They kicked me off the team and why goals aren’t for me

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Once upon a time I created goal lists. Sometimes these goal lists were vast and detailed and other times small, but yet grand in expectation. The commonality among all the lists? A resounding and overwhelming feeling of failure. The New Year would arrive and the list(s) would have little to none marked off as accomplished. I would be left feeling so much woe and I didn’t know how to handle it. I didn’t know how I could possibly commit to … Read More