500 Words Per Day – Day 9

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500 words for Why I Long for Love   I have tasted the fruit of love before, I am not a stranger to its sweet and chaotic flavor. It is an unimagined feeling, until it strikes you down before you stop to realize what is happening. It was devastating, but it was amazing fodder for my muse. My muse still sends blessings my way for all the creative outlet that time of life gave it. However, I wasn’t much on … Read More

500 Words Per Day – Day 7

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500 words for When I Really Loved Myself   Is anyone else having issues with how much ‘self’ is involved in these writing prompts? We will all need to go on a “Maddie Detox” when it is over.   I’m fairly certain my Pinterest boards are proof I deal with self-esteem issues, my life issues also point heavily to the non-loving behavior for myself. However, as my Mum points out to me; the very idea of getting up in the … Read More

500 Words Per Day – Day 5

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500 words about How I wish I Started My Day (and then why I’m not doing it already)   Years ago I read a fluff novel and was so struck by the artistic relationship between the female narrator and her lover ever since I have wanted what she had for myself.   I wish I was waking up in a place where the windows make up my walls, letting sunshine kiss my flesh first. Every window would be open letting … Read More

500 Words Per Day – Day 1

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500 words to tell you About a Time I Lied   I sat on my parent’s bed away from the family hubbub and well-meaning eavesdroppers. My phone pressed my ear in desperation, desperate to make your words untrue, your failings not failures. I’m guessing this will end up the story of when I lied so many times it is hard to see the truth, except for now years later.   I had left work early. I had cleaned the house … Read More

Don’t trash the passion

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I am a passionate person. Passionate. (If you’re reading that part out loud you would say, for drama, Passionate period. *wink*) Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you choose to view this behavior element of me, that passion flows over to nearly every facet of Me, Maddie. I am passionately angry, I passionately love, I am passionate about books, I am passionate. Do we get it yet? Less we start to think I am writing this to excuse my actions behind the … Read More