500 Words Per Day – Day 10

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500 Words about Something I’m hoping People don’t Notice/Something I’m hoping People do Notice In 2014 I embarked on my second Photo 365 Project (A Hundred Pockets). It was an extraordinary journey and an extremely taxing one. Creatively I was allowing my eyes to see the world the way they love best, through a camera, and each day those photographs were inspiring mighty words. I was shaking out bits of my heart for whomever was following the progress of a … Read More

Don’t trash the passion

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I am a passionate person. Passionate. (If you’re reading that part out loud you would say, for drama, Passionate period. *wink*) Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you choose to view this behavior element of me, that passion flows over to nearly every facet of Me, Maddie. I am passionately angry, I passionately love, I am passionate about books, I am passionate. Do we get it yet? Less we start to think I am writing this to excuse my actions behind the … Read More